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Network Overview:


GreenGelo is a not-for-profit, dynamic online video network for urban teenagers and millennials that, beginning September 2016, will produce entertaining and empowering programs.   GreenGelo understands that “urban” is not defined as simply the race of a teenager, but instead, the culture of a teenager.  Serving Black, Latino, Asian, White, Indian, and Native American teens, GreenGelo produces shows that relate to their personal experiences in a way that is edgy and graphically exciting.  This combination of grit and graphics serves to capture and maintain the attention of our teen audience.


All programs produced by the GreenGelo network include teen and millennial participants, both on-screen and off.  Teenagers have full input on the programs created, the design layout of each show, and the marketing and creative process of the network.  Millennials serve in all aspects, including serving as mentors to teen participants. By allowing teenagers to have a voice in the GreenGelo network, we ensure that the voice of our market is authentic and that our programs cater to their interest.  Additionally, by allowing teenagers to participate in the creation of the production process teens are given an opportunity to learn first-hand the business of media.

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