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Jamie Fox supporting Audra's "HeadZ Up!" teen magazine fundraiser!

Jamie Foxx supporting Audra’s “HeadZ Up!” teen magazine fundraiser!

Audra Luke is a graduate of Indiana University, School of Law and has served as an empowerment speaker/workshop facilitator for teenagers for over 15 years. While teaching teenagers how to become self-motivated through poetry, Audra slowly became recognized for her own original poetry that she also performed! Her work displayed her strength and ability to overcome her personal struggle which, among other things, included her being a survivor of childhood sexual assault and all of the issues that this created in her life as she approached her adult years. She used her words to find peace and to become empowered, and as a result, she taught other teens how to do the same.

Audra’s talent and dedication to young adults earned her the ability to work with some of today’s biggest celebrities, including Patti LaBelle, Prince, and Sean “Puffy” Combs, to name only a few. Her writing and poetic performances, along with her work with incarcerated teens, and her teen publication HeadZ Up!” have all been profiled on HBO, BET, CNN, TBS and a host of other national media outlets. Ultimately, her work transformed into a novel that captured all of the stories from both Audra and those young women she worked with over the years. Her novel called Dear Diary…Letters from Lana was raw, honest, and ultimately won an award for Best Fiction and allowed her the opportunity to speak words of inspiration to high school and college students throughout the United States.

Currently, Audra has a 501(c)(3) called GreenGelo TV which helps teens express themselves through online video. Her organization provides young adults with a forum in which to express themselves, share their thoughts and visions with one another, and find both creative and healthy ways to deal with their angst. Additionally, Audra has completed two books, From Powerless to Empowered (which includes her Poetic Expression empowerment workshop she’s implemented into high schools and teen incarceration centers for the past 15 years) and In the Trenches (her book of teen inspired poetry that includes commentary on the inspiration behind her original poems).

Audra has truly provided a significant contribution to the lives of teenagers everywhere. She has been heralded as the Voice of Young Adults and the Queen of Spoken Word! Without a doubt, Audra has truly made her mark in the lives of young people everywhere.


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