Audra’s dynamic poetry performances have gained national attention from the press!

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See photos of Audra performing her original poetry while empowering teens!

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See photos of Audra performing her original poetry while empowering teens!

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Foregoing the Profession of Law to Teach Young Women the Power of Self Expression through Poetry!

Changing the Lives of Teen Girls with Poetry!


Audra created a workshop entitled “Poetic Expressions” that she shares with high schools and teen incarceration centers. This workshop serves to teach teenagers how to become self empowered through poetry by taking them through a number of “phases” that leads to the student’s ability to tap into inner issues that might cause bullying, low self-esteem, etc…

Watch the video and see for yourself how life changing Audra’s Poetic Expressions workshop can truly be for the teens who participate. This workshop has gained praise and national attention for its ability to improve the lives of teen participants in only a short amount of time!

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